Work in Progress Lake2

For this one I have one more session. That will be a lot of work to tackle still – I only consider the central body part to be final.
I painted the model in a very different position than she is actually sitting, mixing several perspectives into one – which has me moving around with my easel a lot.

It is unfortunate that I’m limited to the canvas size, it restricts me in my composition. More space at the bottom would have been nicer. Maybe I should start painting on unstretched canvas – it’s a bit less convenient though. I’m scared of stretching cutting and priming (or just too lazy).
Anyways I will still have to figure out how to solve the foreground composition – probably will expand the white sheet to the bottom of the canvas. I could work on that even after the coming session. I’ll update after I’m done of course. Comments and critique are welcome.

Lake2 Work in Progress

Lake2 Work in Progress (Oil on 40x50 cm canvas)