Work In Progress: Berries of Autumn

Here I show a watercolor painting done during the island trip (that the pine painting was from also). This was just the first step though, as I decided to experiment with transparent layers to draw on top of it.

base layer

The base layer in just watercolor.

On top of the base painting, I’m using half-transparent Dura-Laar layers, which are very robust and take a lot of punishment. Here you can see me trying out red paint on it – be background looks faded.

Red ink layer

The red ink layer – which I later had to redo.

It took some tests to see which inks stick to the paper. The first red inks didn’t even dry after days. Here is the older, experimental layer next to the painting – where I then started the new final layer with different inks.

Layer test one

The first attempt – showing the transparent paper, and the red ink tests.

An additional final acrylic layer adds some protection and fixes any dry ink spots. You can see it there that it adds even some brush-stroke like structure, which is pretty nice.

Learned a lot here, and it’s in preparation of another similar layered image.

Update: Here is the final version of the berry painting. And here is a further layered image, currently as Work-in-Progress.