WordPresss Plugin: Post Tags and Archive

I’ve programmed a little plugin for the WordPress software (that is running the blog here). It makes it easier to show the tag-cloud and the archive in posts and pages.

It just always bothered me that I had these huge lists of archive links in the sidebar. Now I have only a very condensed cloud there – and show the full version via the plugin on the tag-cloud page and archive page. This way users can still find everything. The archive I combined with the popular posts there.

You can get the post-tags-and-archive plugin at wordpress.org. I also have all the details in the development section here.

It’s neat that the google search engine perceives content very much like a user would: Too many links, and it starts valuing them less. So less is better for the overview, while it also can still find every tag and archive on the extra pages.

Post Tags and Archives - Plugin banner

Yes yes yes – go crazy with those tags!