Win an Artwork

You can win an ink-artwork each month if you become a supporter of me on my Ink-Art project on Patreon.

I’ll keep a list of available artworks here and if you win you can choose which you want. And even if you’re not the lucky one that month: you’re supporting my art. I can improve and create more.

List of Available artworks

Sometimes I have several artworks to choose from, which will go to the first winner. At the bottom you can see the past artworks that went out to my patrons.

Ink Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

How to join the raffle

You can enter for a pledge of 3 Dollar for the month. Adnd you’ll get early access to artworks!

I’m starting the raffle now – and there is no are few ticket sold yet. That means right now the chances are great.

Later it would make sense to you pledge more for raising the chances. I offer an 8 Dollar pledge for 3 tickets. Tutorials, info’s about tools and progress pictures are a bonus.

For a 25 Dollar pledge you get 10 tickets – Plus two signed postcard-sized prints each month.

There are more options on my patreon profile – and you can also choose to donate any amount you like. Anything under 3 dollar won’t be a ticket for the raffle, but I’m very grateful for any show support.

Past Winners

Ink Bottle Calligraphy

Won by November 2015 supporter Rens!

Ink Bottle Calligraphy

”Calligraphy Ink Bottle”
Shipped to October 2015 winner David!