What Other People Think of You…

I finally finished this more elaborate calligraphy piece of a quote. It went through a lot of testing, research and changes to get here…

Working hard to hit my new years resolution – don’t want to fail already in the first month. My plan is to post at least two previews and one final artwork on Patreon. Which means there’ll also be more content here. So you want to see more? Please support my effort at patreon.

I’ve posted three exclusive previews before: Starting with lettering tests, a failed full calligraphy attempt, and some thoughts on why I chose the material for this work. And yes… this been an on and off project since 2016. Phew.

The script is based on Bastarda blackletter, which I then modified for readability and fitting the subject more. Or sometimes just because I preferred different shapes.

Here’s the final version. I’ve also added the original to my shop, additionally with one more paintings.

Quote Calligraphy

“What Other People Think…” – Calligraphy on 30 x 40 cm clay-board.

The text reads (though I hope it’s readable enough): “What other people think of you is none of your business.

I’m not aware that there’s a source for this quote. I’ve seen like 10 different authors mentioned – so I assume “uknown” is the most accurate citation.

Calligraphy Detail

Here’s a zoomed in view to show some detail.

Easel Calligraphy

View on the easel – to show it in context and scale .

I’ve added the original now in the shop. Plus my recent painting of the Pontsteiger building in Amsterdam, and I’ve added a frame to the Pine Clearing drawing.