What Minecraft Taught me About Death

If you visit gaming sites, you probably came across this before: Minecraft is awesome!
It’s perfect to my taste: Very free – basically no borders. Simple in one way – but developing a huge complexity out of it. And I think it fits “games” just more when they have no single storyline, but allow each player to have their own story to tell.

…I had a very similar thing – and damn, it’s a shock you won’t easily forget.

But it got even worse. I was building huge mansions, and castles – big glass villas, and underground lairs. And I was exploring this wonderful huuuuge world. Discovering lots of places, with strangely shaped landscapes and floating islands. I marked them with torches, so I can find them again and explore even more. But then: Crash! While saving. The save was corrupted and I could not get the world back – everything gone forever.

I always have trouble imagining what death is – if you loose a life in a game its usual nothing special. Bu this was different – not just I was gone, but the world. No way to come back, explore again. Final darkness.
But at least: no regrets. I played every Minecraft-day as if it was my last.

So yeah. Minecraft. It’s awesome.