A Watercolor from Tuscany

I’ve recently finished this painting started last year on a sunny day in Tuscany.

Tuscany Watercolor
“Tuscany – The Sowing” 2022 – Ink and Watercolor on 23 x 30 cm paper
Tuscany - Watercolor Detail 1
Detail 1
Tuscany - Watercolor Detail 2
Detail 2.

There are a ton of finished, or nearly finished artworks in my studio, that I haven’t gotten around posting. This one I showed on a “Summer is Over” themed exposition in Landsmeer, my new …uh, I guess… home village next to Amsterdam. I joined a couple of expositions – two of which I made the posters for.

Summer Expo Poster
Summer-End Exposition “Het is weer voorbij…”
Christmas Expo Poster
Christmas Expo “Kunstkado Kerstkado” Poster

The second poster there is for a Christmas exposition. So to make use of the opportunity, I’ve also added a new print of the Heathland painting to my shop. I hope next I can set up an Etsy shop (with the same products), in a sort of mad Christmas sales dash. And more prints are upcoming also.