Vaslav Costumes – Part II

On to the other half of the Vaslav costumes (see the first dresses for the Vaslav play here). I can also go and quote some nice reviews.

Diaghilev in the suit


I should note that as with all the other theater costume projects the designer is Yan Tax. I paint them after his directions. Still of course checking for any reviews if they say anything about the costumes! Being glad that almost all mention them – and always positively:

  • Theaterparadijs says: “The costumes of Yan Tax are an especially beautiful representation of the time in which the theater piece is set – which gives the actors an extra dimension.”
    (De kostuums van Yan Tax zijn een bijzonder mooie weergave van de tijd waarin dit toneelstuk zich afspeelt en geven hiermee de acteurs een extra dimensie…)
  • Volkskrant says: “…is totally perfectly produced, exemplary in dresses, decoration and light.”
    (…is het allemaal perfect geproduceerd, voorbeeldig in aankleding, decor en licht.)
  • Parool says: “Yan Tax (costumes) created impeccable evening dresses for the men and fittingly boisterous gowns for the ladies.”
    (Yan Tax (kostuums) bedacht onberispelijke rokkostuums voor de heren en gepast uitzinnige jurken voor de dames.)

Here are some nice photos I found on the DeLaMar Theater’s Facebook page:

Romola's Mother - in gown

Romola’s Mother
(you can see the costume drawing in the last post)


Vaslav and Diaghilev

Vaslav in dancers dress


On to the drawings:

Russian upper class costume: Diaghilev with fur coat and top hat.

Diaghilev with a fur coat.

Early 20th century - upper class costume: Emilia in a stylish white coat with pattern.

Emilia in an stylish white coat with pattern.

1910s beautiful gown: Romola in a nice evening dress.

Romola in a festive dress.

1910s - upper class tuxedo: Vaslav in an evening suit.

Vaslav in an evening suit.

Early 20th century - upper class costume: Vaslav in tuxedo and coat.

Vaslav in a black coat.

Vaslav in a early 20th century dancers dress.

Vaslav in a dancers dress.

Russian early 20th century costume: The servant in simple coat and cap.

The servant with simple coat and cap.

Russian upper class costume: 1920s Festive Gown.

Romola dressed for a ballet premiere.