UV Checker Texture

Here is a tiling Checker-Texture I’ve made to help me with UVW mapping.

It’s a practical helper texture with a grid to compare the pixel density on a mesh when unwrapping 3D meshes. The colors on versions you find on the internet are usually too glaring.

The checker map features:

  • Numbers to make it easy to judge the mapping direction and mirroring.
  • I’ve added circles, which work better than squares for spotting distortions.
  • A very fine grid texture allows for checking details.
  • I color coded bigger blocks, which helps to show where the full texture repeats.
  • It’s in high 4k resolution.
UV Checker Square

This is the checker at 4096 x 4096 pixels, for square textures. Click it to get the full resolution PNGs.

UV Checker Horizontal

This is a 4096 x2048 pixel version for horizontal textures.

UV Checker Vertical

And a 2048 x 4096 pixel checker for vertical textures.