Two Links and Two WIP’s Walk Into a Bar…

Uh, lots of pictures I still plan to post, but no time. Have been heavily procrastinating on all matters but painting – not enough self promo, not enough money making … and the worst: tax reports. They are giving me nightmares even with the few dusty coins I have to declare.

One very nice blog post relating to this futile artists life: “When an artist falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it…”. It’s from Illustration art – one of the most wonderful art blogs I know.

I’ll just add two quickly snapped work in progresses for now: This is a painting I will finish this Sunday. Head, second hand, legs, breasts…. all in one last sitting. This will be a challenge.

Branka - oil on canvas - work in progress

"Branka" - oil on canvas - work in progress

I have a good feeling, but then again – I always do. I really find myself a 100% in this quote by Bouguereau:

“Starting a picture is very pleasant, for you always believe that this time you’re going to create a masterpiece; you take pains, and little by little the painting takes shape, the effect comes through. You feel marvelous sensations. When it’s done however things are different. You want to touch up the arm, the movement of the body doesn’t seem graceful…and you end up doing nothing for fear of having to redo the whole thing completely.”

I took this from another great blog – Art and Influence – it’s full of interesting art history, in a much more relatable way that you see in your usual art book.

Caromble BG.

Caromble BG. For a lil' project I'm working on... one of those drawings where you look up when you finish and you're "what the hell did I do there?". I went way further than planned or needed.