About Thomas Schmall

Where I share my work:

I am Thomas Schmall, a German now living in Landsmeer, next to Amsterdam. My passions are painting, games and thinking.

Thomas Schmall - Portrait Photo in Studio
Thomas Schmall – Portrait Photo in Studio

For many years I was employed in the games industry working on several triple-A titles, but changed into living from freelance work and traditional paintings. By now I’ve had some exhibitions in the Netherlands and Japan. I’ve also created by now thousands of costume drawings for operas around the world. I found that what I learn in one area, helps me greatly to improve in the other – so I’m also still busy with games – making and playing.

Here you’re at the right place to see all the outcomes of it: Paintings, sketches, tutorials and other art I find, random thoughts, or the progress of a little game project I’m working on.


Feel free to comment or email me. I’m always eager to improve this page.
I’m open for commissions or freelance work.

Documentary Clip:

Here is a short clip of a German documentary from 2011 – showing me painting in Amsterdam’s Oude-Kerk.