The Image is in Your Pencil

An interesting Blog post at Seth’s Blog again – called “Better To Do Than To Think“. He applies it there to science: Rather do experiments than spending time thinking of how to experiment. And that is something I sooo much see valid in art that it bugs me.

A common example of the typical artists trouble. By Heiko Nerenz.

Another great example of the typical artists trouble. By Heiko Nerenz.

When I get a request to paint a specific subject, then sometimes I get a clear image in my head instantly. That makes the job easy – I just have to paint down whats in my head. And funnily there is next to no way to improve upon it.

But if I don’t get this image automatically, then it gets really tough work to get something going from my head. And I do try: Sometimes sitting and just thinking for half a day. Trying in all kinds of manners to create an image in my head. The idea behind this is that even if I spend half a day doing this, it would still save me a lot of time when I work on a five days painting.

Alas, so far my efforts never worked out. There is no better way to get going than to just grab a pencil and start drawing. Work my way through it. At some point the mere amount of work will put you more and more in a direction and you will end up with something. With enough knowledge and experience it is always possible to turn anything into a good image.

So here are the rules:

– Better to do than to think.
– Start with the smallest easiest thing.

Do you have similar experiences? Or know any tricks to get an image in the head? I would be curious to hear about it.