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Anything that’s unfinished or that I want to show the painting process on, will be in this category.
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Goblin-packed Fantasy Illustration

Fanatasy Illustration with Goblins
A goblin-filled marketing illustration for a game, that never saw the light of day. With all work in progress steps...

Machiya Painting: The Path

Kyoto Machiya
One more machiya painting of my Kyoto Art-In-Residence that I didn't post yet. With some sketches and Work-In-Progress steps...

Painting: Machiya Family

An oil painting of a street in Japan with a family house - a classical machiya...

Noordwijk Festival II

Some more pictures from the Nordwijk Festival. This is the second painting I did outside there. Was kinda funny how it made all passersby shout “klaprozen” (Dutch for poppies) – I’ve heard the word 50 times that day. So named the picture this way. The original is sold, but I’ll create a limited number of … Continue reading Noordwijk Festival II

Portrait Mashup – Step Two

Here is another work-in-progress of the portrait mashup I did at the Portrait Month. That one is over now sadly – still want to finish the image though (see first step here). So maybe one or two portraits will still come. But the next event is planned: I’ll be at the Noordwijk Painting Festival – … Continue reading Portrait Mashup – Step Two

Portrait Mashup WIP

The second week of the portrait month is on. Painting people for three days in a row really taught me a lot, I should do it more often – else its really just walking in shallow waters. Anyways, here is a work in progress – planning to have two or three more faces on this … Continue reading Portrait Mashup WIP