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Science of Color

Minoan Fresco
Science reveals some of traditional color theories as wrong. Here's a look at some newer approaches - and some discoveries when looking back to ancient times...

Random Links of the Week

A couple of things I came across in the last weeks, that are worth sharing.....

Machiya Gateway

Final oil painting of a little side-street in Koyto, leading to a Machiya...

Can Game Art Please Evolve?

The art in the games industry is still lacking mindful art - and the artists take part of the blame...

Go Watch Some Sounds!

I’ve posted earlier about synesthesia, which is a mixing of senses that some (surprisingly many) people have. Of one of the trailers in the post, you can see now the full version – it looks fantastic. Took them a looong time to make the 10 minute movie, since synesthetes have very specific sensations. They are … Continue reading Go Watch Some Sounds!

Make Good Art!

Wonderful life advice by Neil Gaiman. He is a writer (of comics like “The Sandman”), but all applies fully to any other artist… and beyond. Including some practical freelance-tips. A must see.