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Mexiruba: Part 3

First of all: Merry Christmas to everyone! And without much ado, the last bunch of pictures from my Mexico/Aruba adventure (see one and two). These are the pages of my sketchbook. But before that – some Arubean waves for relaxation:

Mexiruba: Part 2

In part one I wrote about my trip to Mexico. In the second week I went to visit a friend in Aruba. It’s a little island close to Cuba – with great beaches, nice people, and a cactee-rich landscape. The landscape is actually eerily similar to some areas in Red Dead Redemption. When you get … Continue reading Mexiruba: Part 2

Mexiruba: Part 1

Recently I was on a trip to Mexico for a wedding of a friend. Good times... really good times :) And since I made that long trip to other side of the planet called earth anyways, I combined it with a stint to Aruba, where another friend lives (thanks Maga!). So two weeks, and much … Continue reading Mexiruba: Part 1