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Aquarellist Collective Exhibition – Part II

Recently I posted images of the Aquarellist exhibition in Beek en Donk. This is part two – the following day, with more models to paint. Outside I had an additional setup with my works. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Redhead Day 2010 in Breda

My third Redhead Day in Breda, Holland – an event especially for red haired people. And somehow it gets better every time. The organizing was really good and at the end some nice clients invited me for dinner… so I can paint them at home (thanks for the food :)). I enjoyed it very much. … Continue reading Redhead Day 2010 in Breda

Queensday Portraits

On this Queensday I was painting portraits in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark again. This time with even more artists – Henrik joined, Svetlana reserved the spot and took pictures and Ingeborg and Renske were drawing also. Which is nice – it attracts people to watch and makes them want a portrait too. Even though we were all … Continue reading Queensday Portraits

What is This Baby Thinking?

Not quite sure if it agrees to the image :D But I love the expression. Anyways – these are some watercolors of people I painted recently on the street (in Amsterdam and Utrecht). Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the other people I painted.