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Postings with art from my sketchbook.

2007 Sketchbook Memories

2007 ink sketchbook
Posting sketchbook pages from 2007 - with scenes from Amsterdam ... and lots of bars...

Sketching Through Tuscany

Tuscany Setching
Some more impressions from Italy – mostly from walking around aimlessly through the nature and cities in Tuscany (see the first sketches here).

Murin-An Sketches

Below are some sketches from a visit to a traditional Japanese garden. Has been very interesting – the leaves are turning red, which is a major event for the Japanese. And a heron came really close. Anyways, I’m way too much in love with the Machiya to pay attention to any trees. I’ll show the … Continue reading Murin-An Sketches

Pages of the Past

Here are ten more pages of my mid-2009 sketchbook. Before I get to that: There is also a new post about the indie-project Caromble again. This time I talk about the first steps to take the concepts to 3D. And now to the goods:

Ye Olde Sketchbook

I scanned several older sketchbooks – time to start showing, this will keep me busy for some time! These are the first ten pages of my mid-2009 sketchbook.