Recent posts on Portrait Month

Portrait Mashup – Step Two

Here is another work-in-progress of the portrait mashup I did at the Portrait Month. That one is over now sadly – still want to finish the image though (see first step here). So maybe one or two portraits will still come. But the next event is planned: I’ll be at the Noordwijk Painting Festival – … Continue reading Portrait Mashup – Step Two

Portrait Mashup WIP

The second week of the portrait month is on. Painting people for three days in a row really taught me a lot, I should do it more often – else its really just walking in shallow waters. Anyways, here is a work in progress – planning to have two or three more faces on this … Continue reading Portrait Mashup WIP

Portrait Month Coming Up

Coming May I will take part in the portrait month again. This time with much more days. Anyone is welcome to join as painter, model – or just drop by and watch the artsy action and exiting exhibition. We will be painting from May 18 until June 3 (2012) in the windows of Gallery De … Continue reading Portrait Month Coming Up

Portrait Month: Mieneke

The actual Portrait month is over – I still have this and one more image to show. With this painting everything went wrong: The model didn’t show up, so we started late and a fellow artist had to pose (thanks Mieneke :)). Then the background was a cloth over a door – so it changed … Continue reading Portrait Month: Mieneke

Portrait Month – Norma

Painting a good friend is really a challenge. I think it is the pressure to get really the person one knows – but damn, its fun to try :) So thanks a lot to Norma for posing last week in the ongoing Portrait Month in the Gallery de Stoker. And the good news: more friend-portraits … Continue reading Portrait Month – Norma