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Th-Ink Figure

One of those longer drawings ... that leave a lot time for a wandering mind. What do you think about when drawing?..

This is Really Happening

Lucid dreaming
Yesterday night I came from a concert with Konrad and Robert. When I looked down I noticed that I got shoes on. Which was weird to me, because I distinctively remembered how I was only in socks when I got in. As I thought about it, I noticed more odd things – Jay Leno was … Continue reading This is Really Happening

Some not so stupid people

To balance out after my post about not so smart people I follow it up with not stupid people. Starting with one really exceptional guy – Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In contrast to Sam Harris he is actually seeing science and mathematics as extremely limited. His idea of “Black Swans” is one example. These are extreme … Continue reading Some not so stupid people

Art as New Science

Recently the Large Hadron Collider has been reaching a new record energy output. The main goal of this huge structure is finding the Higgs boson. Exciting? Hm. The particle is important for high energy physics – without it, the mathematics would be flawed. But we know that the mathematics are highly accurate. The Higgs Boson … Continue reading Art as New Science

From Dreams to Reality

Recently I found this talk by William Domhoff about dreams. It is always great when researchers talk about such foggy topics with so scientific methods: Just facts, numbers and logic. It’s not only that this helps to get a clearer picture of what is really going on – but exactly this dry approach leads to … Continue reading From Dreams to Reality