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Science of Color

Minoan Fresco
Science reveals some of traditional color theories as wrong. Here's a look at some newer approaches - and some discoveries when looking back to ancient times...

It’s Already Green O’Clock!

Synesthesia is the mixing of senses – smelling music, seeing sounds as shapes, or perceiving colors as numbers. I’m doing some self-experimentation with it. No universe shattering surprises… just yet. But it’s a fun exercise. This odd brain function not as uncommon as once thought: one in twenty persons might have synesthesia in one form … Continue reading It’s Already Green O’Clock!

Would you paint like this?

There are these amazing vintage photos on the Library of Congress flickr page. Worth loosing some time on. Just something about the photo below that I was wondering: Would you ever paint it like that from your mind? Like the light coming though some random panels on the top. Why doesn’t it come through all … Continue reading Would you paint like this?

More Blindness to the Obvious

In one of my latest posts I tried to make a list of things no artist painted before we had help of optical devices, based on David Hockney’s findings. I want to extend the list – and find explanations of what is going on. When I was at the current exhibition of Txell’s awesomely funny … Continue reading More Blindness to the Obvious