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Sending off the Patreon Reward

patreon lottery
I've just sent off the drawing of my Patreon contest. Today is the last chance to join and win the artwork for November...

Inktober Waves and Explosions

Ink Bottle Calligraphy
Two more drawings of Inktober. Trying a bit around with calligraphy. One of the results can now be won in my patreon project...

Making an Art Site Useful

´╗┐website structure
Planning to make my art page more useful - for visitors and for myself. It's a small but long term project, and I want to share what I learn...

Ink Sea

An ink drawing I finished at The Open Draw Amsterdam...

Moving Figure in Ink

Another drawing part of my effort to try to get a grip on ink drawing. This picture was made during our weekly life drawing sessions – this time with the model moving about in a sort of landscape of blocks. I’m still tweaking my patreon art page, and changed the header there, as I got … Continue reading Moving Figure in Ink