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Machiya Painting: The Path

Kyoto Machiya
One more machiya painting of my Kyoto Art-In-Residence that I didn't post yet. With some sketches and Work-In-Progress steps...

Juste Premixed

When a model got sick Juste was so nice to come over from Utrecht to save the day. It's great to have friends like that - thanks a lot! And here is another shot of a palette. I started doing these for showing them here - for example how I mix before painting - and … Continue reading Juste Premixed

Jan Kal and the Palette

This portrait shows Jan Kal - maybe some Dutch readers heard, or read of him. With the painting I added one photo of my palette. There are the colors listed that I used on this picture. Alizarin Crimson (a dark red), Yellow Ochre (an earthen yellow) and Phthalo Turquoise (a powerful green/blue) plus a Flake … Continue reading Jan Kal and the Palette