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Jan Kal and the Palette

This portrait shows Jan Kal - maybe some Dutch readers heard, or read of him. With the painting I added one photo of my palette. There are the colors listed that I used on this picture. Alizarin Crimson (a dark red), Yellow Ochre (an earthen yellow) and Phthalo Turquoise (a powerful green/blue) plus a Flake … Continue reading Jan Kal and the Palette

Summer Shower in the Singel

My latest cityscape work from Amsterdam. I was standing on the Singel (a channel very close to Central Station), and looking at a little side road called Korsjespoortsteeg. It was the toughest work so far - I started in April. But rain and hail stopped several sessions. In early summer it was too sunny, and … Continue reading Summer Shower in the Singel

Old Curch Number 2

Another painting from the Oudekerk in Amsterdam. I finally have time to do these things – and actually without rushing it too much. With this pillar I’m still trying to get a feel for it, before starting more complex parts of the building. This coming Monday a German TV team will film me there for … Continue reading Old Curch Number 2


First off: The events the last weekends were a lot of fun. I will post an update as soon as I can show the paintings. And now to the portrait from last Friday. This time Kaisa, another good friend of mine. I’m glad she allowed me to paint her before she leaves to the other … Continue reading Kaisa


Another portrait – it got a bit more of the real feel that I am looking for, while still not seeming like a photo. Although the three hour sessions don’t leave me with enough time to measure exactly (leaving some inaccuracies there), they teach me how to work effectively. And it does add a loose … Continue reading Fabio

Portrait Month – Norma

Painting a good friend is really a challenge. I think it is the pressure to get really the person one knows – but damn, its fun to try :) So thanks a lot to Norma for posing last week in the ongoing Portrait Month in the Gallery de Stoker. And the good news: more friend-portraits … Continue reading Portrait Month – Norma

Final painting: Lake 2

I’ve posted a wip earlier. Here is the final one of Lake. The foreground works better now with the extended sheet. I also had a more detailed face at some point – but overpainted it to a simpler version.

Yola, final version

This is the final version of a work in progress I posted before. Visitors of the exhibition have seen the image already. Although I must admit, since I was in a hurry I accidentally hung it up the wrong way :D Both versions work – but I do like this angle the most.