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Good news: the game I’ve been working on has just been accepted at the Indigo – which is an indie game event in Utrecht . This and the upcoming exhibitions are keeping me too busy to update here more often, got lots of unposted art lying around. And I still gotta do my taxes also … Continue reading Federica


Below is my latest finished oil painting, of which I posted a work-in-progress image before. There is also a new update about caromble – with some early style-concepts.

Ship Your Art!

How many artworks did you not "ship" because it was just not perfect? I hear this often. Many artists never finish bigger works, because there is always mistakes and room for tweaking. Of course there are differences.....

Juste Premixed

When a model got sick Juste was so nice to come over from Utrecht to save the day. It's great to have friends like that - thanks a lot! And here is another shot of a palette. I started doing these for showing them here - for example how I mix before painting - and … Continue reading Juste Premixed

Redhairday Overtime

The Redhairday led to some followups. One is the sister of one of the models - but there was not enough time that day. So her family came all the way from Utrecht to my place, so they can have pictures of both. Was really fun - thank you very much. On that day I've … Continue reading Redhairday Overtime

Peter on Expensive Paper

On this water color I changed the hair a lot after the model session. I waste a lot of money when buying materials. Its just an personal obsession – I can’t stop myself from always getting the most expensive option there is. In retrospect it payed off though (at least in that case) – erasing … Continue reading Peter on Expensive Paper

Sketchmeet and Brakwater

End of this month – Saturday October 30 – will be another Sketchmeet. A get-together of artists from Holland. This time in Rotterdam at the Image-Festival. Not sure if we actually go into the exhibit – I guess we rather just hang out, share sketchbooks and draw like mad as usual – join the fun … Continue reading Sketchmeet and Brakwater