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Art as New Science

Recently the Large Hadron Collider has been reaching a new record energy output. The main goal of this huge structure is finding the Higgs boson. Exciting? Hm. The particle is important for high energy physics – without it, the mathematics would be flawed. But we know that the mathematics are highly accurate. The Higgs Boson … Continue reading Art as New Science

From Dreams to Reality

Recently I found this talk by William Domhoff about dreams. It is always great when researchers talk about such foggy topics with so scientific methods: Just facts, numbers and logic. It’s not only that this helps to get a clearer picture of what is really going on – but exactly this dry approach leads to … Continue reading From Dreams to Reality

The Values of Jacob Maris

Jacob Henricus Maris (1837 – 1899) is a Dutch artist I found in a gallery in Assen (little town in Holland). This particular image I find amazing. The day I discovered it, I’ve put it on my desktop. After that I went to sleep – and I dreamed I am there. I was in a … Continue reading The Values of Jacob Maris