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Machiya are the traditional wooden houses of Japan. Often more than hundred years old. You can see them still a lot in old city areas like in Kyoto – but they’re slowly disappearing, as people prefer the comfort of modern housing.

Machiya Painting: The Path

Kyoto Machiya
One more machiya painting of my Kyoto Art-In-Residence that I didn't post yet. With some sketches and Work-In-Progress steps...

Machiya Gateway

Final oil painting of a little side-street in Koyto, leading to a Machiya...

Painting: Machiya Family

An oil painting of a street in Japan with a family house - a classical machiya...

Roof Tiles of Kyoto

Kyoto Japan Roof Tiles
Painting of Japanese architecture - roofs on a Kyoto back-street...

Kyoto Shinbun Article

The Kyoto Newspaper had an article yesterday about our upcoming exhibition. There is also an online version. Tomorrow is the first day! Still gotta paint some flower pots, argh.

Kyoto Exhibition Details

The Machiya-Art in Residence is going full power! We’re working on the exhibition now. Everyone is welcome to join our exhibition next week (22nd and 23rd November). We’ll also give a talk on the 23rd beginning at 14:00 o’clock. Japanese detailed info following. If anyone needs more info in English – please contact me. Until … Continue reading Kyoto Exhibition Details