Recent posts on Life Drawings

Figure Drawings are the classical tool to study anatomy and poses. Traditional schools also use it to learn in-depth about values (light and shadow). It’s also useful for trying materials, and effects, since there is less pressure to create a “great masterpiece”. So you can see here diverse studies of mine, often simplifying one aspect, to learn more about another. Learning to use new mediums – like ink and washes – as I go along.
Since you’re facing a subject matter repeatedly, that has also been tackled by all the greats in art history, even the question of “what am I drawing and why” become an interesting part of it.

If you are interested, you can join our weekly figure drawing sessions in Amsterdam.

Elemental Figures

Simple Lines Figure Drawing
Maybe once or twice per 1000 figure-drawings - this comes out. Simple, quick, but to the point...

Figure to Light

Ink Figure
A recent figure drawing - with good ol' ink and brushes...

The Double Figure

Nude Figures Dancing
Continuing on the topic of ink-driven figure drawings. Here with two models posing together...

Inktober Figure Drawings

Ink Figure
Figure drawings done over the last Inktober project days. I like to use these to experiment with different ink materials...

Figure Drawing Starting Up Again

Pencil Figure 2015
To celebrate the start of our figure drawing session after the summer break - here are four recent pencil drawings...

Moving Figure in Ink

Another drawing part of my effort to try to get a grip on ink drawing. This picture was made during our weekly life drawing sessions – this time with the model moving about in a sort of landscape of blocks. I’m still tweaking my patreon art page, and changed the header there, as I got … Continue reading Moving Figure in Ink

Figure In Blue Light

More experiments with light and material at our Amsterdam Figure Drawing sessions...