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Dream Diaries

Here is a drawing I did for a friend as an cover for his “Forest” concept album. It’s specifically for the song called “Dream Diaries“, you can listen to it below. The story has some fractals in it, so that was a good fit. The album is not yet finished, but you can already check … Continue reading Dream Diaries

This is Really Happening

Lucid dreaming
Yesterday night I came from a concert with Konrad and Robert. When I looked down I noticed that I got shoes on. Which was weird to me, because I distinctively remembered how I was only in socks when I got in. As I thought about it, I noticed more odd things – Jay Leno was … Continue reading This is Really Happening

From Dreams to Reality

Recently I found this talk by William Domhoff about dreams. It is always great when researchers talk about such foggy topics with so scientific methods: Just facts, numbers and logic. It’s not only that this helps to get a clearer picture of what is really going on – but exactly this dry approach leads to … Continue reading From Dreams to Reality