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Fun Weekend Art Events

I guess we can blame it on the nice weather, but somehow now every weekend some nice artsy events are going on. In half an hour I’ll leave to Ruigoord – a squatted artists village near Amsterdam … they even got a squatted church. There is the All is One festival today (12th of June) … Continue reading Fun Weekend Art Events

Queensday Portraits

On this Queensday I was painting portraits in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark again. This time with even more artists – Henrik joined, Svetlana reserved the spot and took pictures and Ingeborg and Renske were drawing also. Which is nice – it attracts people to watch and makes them want a portrait too. Even though we were all … Continue reading Queensday Portraits

Rotating Beer Coaster Art

Last week me and some friends were drawing on beer mats again - I think over the years we filled quite some of them :) Great fun. Usually I leave them in the bars, but this one is special. Spot how many creatures you can find on this one. Careful though: if you look to … Continue reading Rotating Beer Coaster Art

A sketchbook is complete

Roughly 15 more pages of my sketchbook from 2008. Funny thing: I always thought its the one before my current one. But just when writing this – I noticed it can’t be. I fill at least 2 per year. Well, turns out I have another full sketchbook lying around. Scanning all this will take me … Continue reading A sketchbook is complete

Unearthly Challenge Started

First something about the last posting – I’ve updated the portrait of the blonde girl. Damn, it looked bad (heh, I deleted all traces). I never see how bad a picture is until a week is over or so. Was a good learning experience to analyze and fix it though. And yeah got no internet … Continue reading Unearthly Challenge Started

Sketchbook of 2006

This is my sketchbook of 2006 - posted back-dated...