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Murin-An Sketches

Below are some sketches from a visit to a traditional Japanese garden. Has been very interesting – the leaves are turning red, which is a major event for the Japanese. And a heron came really close. Anyways, I’m way too much in love with the Machiya to pay attention to any trees. I’ll show the … Continue reading Murin-An Sketches

Dutch Sketch Meet Fallout

Some photos (courtesy of Garry) and my drawings of the Dutch Sketch Meeting two weeks ago. Was fun – we all plan to do this more often. The drawings are concept markers and then pencil – inspired by the sketchbook of Janaschi.


A pastel drawing from a recent sketch-session in Berlin: May it please our new eight-legged overlord! To whom this was a homage to. I’m all serious! If the octopus from this clip is not the most heroic creature that ever walketh the earth… …. and did you know they have brains in each of their … Continue reading Octohero!

Red Pencil Witch

A little experiment with red pencils – thanks to David and Nadia for the tip. I think I overdid it a bit though … as usual. The paper got wavy from all the shading and going with white pencil over the red (even if erased) is impossible. Could be interesting to adjust my style to … Continue reading Red Pencil Witch