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You can see a best-of selection of my drawings at the drawings gallery.

Autumn Berries

Watercolor and ink drawing of a berry-shrub on an Island...

Elemental Figures

Simple Lines Figure Drawing
Maybe once or twice per 1000 figure-drawings - this comes out. Simple, quick, but to the point...

Pine Clearing

Pine Forest Clearing Ink Drawing
Ink artwork drawn during a recent travel. It took several sessions - so several crawls through the forest to get to the right spot...

Jazz Patterns

Jazz Rhythm Drawing
I accidentally came across another jazz-themed drawing I've made in 2015, but I've never posted here. Time to fix that...

Phoenix in a Birch Forest

Drawing of Forest and Phoenix
Just finished another longer drawing. And I want to streamline my outreach a bit. I should start measuring the hours I’m putting into these. It’s A4 sized, but I’ve spent substantial time on the details. I think I’m OK with taking a lot of time – it means less updates, but at the end, it’s … Continue reading Phoenix in a Birch Forest

Jazz Stage

Ink Drawing Jazz
Ink drawing of the jazz stage at the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam...

Inktober 2017 Roundup

Inktober - Air
I joined Inktober 2017 this time around. Did finish just three artworks in time - the motivational push was great though. A push for more to come...

Scarlet Frogs

Scarlet Ink Frogs
Experimentation with colored ink - on a base of a brush drawing...