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Progressive Poses

Ink life drawing - combining four poses into one...

Noordwijk Art III

The last update from the Nordwijk Festival (part I, part II). One woman who saw me painting the earlier flower picture told me about a whole field of poppies – and so I checked it out the following day. It was indeed a beautiful spot. Inspired by some other artists, I took a bit more … Continue reading Noordwijk Art III

Art Finding: Kent Williams

Kent Williams's art is impressive. He make the figures in his images look real while painting strongly distorted bodies...

Assorted Link Rage

At I posted recently some of the later conceptart. Those are very close to the style we’re going for. We’ve gotten very positive reactions so far. Again via Seth’s blog I found this article about a guy who describes his way to become US champion at memorizing. Amazingly, he just started as journalist wanting … Continue reading Assorted Link Rage