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Work done on location – in one sitting.

Roof Tiles of Kyoto

Kyoto Japan Roof Tiles
Painting of Japanese architecture - roofs on a Kyoto back-street...

Noordwijk Art III

The last update from the Nordwijk Festival (part I, part II). One woman who saw me painting the earlier flower picture told me about a whole field of poppies – and so I checked it out the following day. It was indeed a beautiful spot. Inspired by some other artists, I took a bit more … Continue reading Noordwijk Art III

Noordwijk Festival II

Some more pictures from the Nordwijk Festival. This is the second painting I did outside there. Was kinda funny how it made all passersby shout “klaprozen” (Dutch for poppies) – I’ve heard the word 50 times that day. So named the picture this way. The original is sold, but I’ll create a limited number of … Continue reading Noordwijk Festival II

Joske in One Go

A portrait from some months ago. I often take my time to think if I should tweak - but this one out right in one go - no fixes or touch-ups necessary. Just how it should always be.