Summer Shower in the Singel

My latest cityscape work from Amsterdam. I was standing on the Singel (a channel very close to Central Station), and looking at a little side road called Korsjespoortsteeg.

It was the toughest work so far – I started in April. But rain and hail stopped several sessions. In early summer it was too sunny, and only now I was able to complete it. Right now I do have the freedom to finally spend more time on my works, so lots of hours and though went into it.

I think it payed off. It is now exhibited in Koppelaars Kunsthuiskamer at the moment. And I’ve heard good comments by visitors about it (while I pretended just to be a art connoisseur watching other paintings :)).

"Summer Shower in the Singel", oil on 40x50 cm linen

"Summer Shower in the Singel", oil on 40x50 cm linen

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You can buy it in the gallery and I also offer prints – I am continuously working on getting the highest quality reproductions I can. When you buy a print you will get a limited copy printed on a canvas so that the result resembles the original as close as possible.

Right now I have high quality pictures of the following works, which I also offer as prints. Please contact me by mail. I am working on a more pictures, an automatic ordering system and more information in the next few weeks.