The Spirit Tree

Finished! This nature setting was a bolder experiment color-wise.

After I used very soft colors in an earlier tree drawing from Vlieland’s under-woods. That’s the balance I’m figuring out currently, and on my work-in-progress postings (here’s post one, two and three on the tree drawing)

Spirit Tree Painting

“Spirit Tree” – Watercolor and ink on 31x23cm hot pressed paper

Opinions on the colors would be interesting – is the super colorful style of the recent heathland painting more appealing? I do like the atmosphere, as it really fits the situation of the sunset and diffuse light under the trees.

Spirit Tree Detail

A zoom in on the leaves. I found drawing the top parts the most challenging and most interesting. Somehow distilling the chaos of leaves into a simpler, but still convincing representation

More experiments are upcoming. As I’m also using graphite more, it could be fun to use all three – watercolor, graphite and the ink – in one work.

The original of this painting is available in my art-shop. Edit: And now, as I got some requests: prints are there also.