Scarlet Frogs

Here’s a little Experimentation with colored ink – on a base of a brush drawing.

Still want to figure out the best way to color ink illustrations. It’s always too easy to overpower the initial drawing, losing the impact that the black and white has. In a recent ink portrait I did I used Photoshop to add light tones. It somewhat works as the lines still read well, but then the coloring seems indecisive. Well, it also took ages to adjust the tones – it’s tricky when one has a limited range to choose from. There is no nice desaturated orange for example – it would just be brown.

So here is another approach: One color, with little variation – but that one with some oomph! I used some candle wax for the spots that needed to stay clear (good thing they’re always close around Christmas time). This gave me the chance to work more freely.
The only problem: Now I have to spend even more resources on inks by buying all those colors.

Poison Frogs ink drawing

“Scarlet Frogs”, colored ink on A4 paper.

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Detail of ink frogs

A detail view.

Frog Drawing Detail

And another detail of the froggies.

I’m selling the original drawing on my webshop. And I’ve also updated the shop – with an Amsterdam city-view, as wel as two more paintings from Kyoto, since the others sold out.

Amsterdam Winter Oil Painting

Amsterdam (Prinsengracht) in the snow.
The original is right now for sale on the shop:

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Oil Painting of Kyoto House

Oil Painting of a house in Kyoto.

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Oil Painting Bonsai Machiya

Bonsai shop in Kyoto.

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