Roof Tiles of Kyoto

An oil painting just finished in the back-streets of Kyoto. I really like the constructions of the roofs – the tiles and layered architecture.

So here’s the plan: Over the next days I’ll post the images and stories from Kyoto. The first one (of 9 finished images, of which I posted just one yet.)

I’ll start with the result.

Kyoto  "Machiya Kawara" - oil on 45 x 27 cm wood board

“Machiya Kawara” – oil on 45 x 27 cm wood board (preliminary photo).

It’s also for sale right now:

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Machiya - Sketch - Brush pen

A first sketch (done with brush pen).

Machiya Sketch 2

Second Sketch

Kyoto City - Machiya Row, painting spot

The painting spot I chose.

Machiya - Draft on wooden board

A draft on the wooden board I used as canvas…. notice something in the background?

Machiya - Cats on the Roof, watchinga

I was watched closely!
There were 6 cats that day on the roof – at least some just had to end up on the painting.

Machiya - cat hiding

The perfect Japanese roof camoflage.