Redhairday Overtime

The Redhairday led to some followups. One is the sister of one of the models – but there was not enough time that day. So her family came all the way from Utrecht to my place, so they can have pictures of both. Was really fun – thank you very much.

Nonredheadvisit - the model
The model…
Young girl with Glasses Portrait, watercolor on 31x23cm paper
…and the result.
Portrait with watercolor on 31x23cm paper

On that day I’ve also met these two red haired beauties. Although they were super sweet, I didn’t dare to paint them from live – it is just too hard to predict how long they might sit in the same position. So the owner sent me a photo of her golden retrievers (with red fur they’re called “Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever”) to work from. Thanks again.

Two red haired dogs, watercolor on 31 x 23cm paper
Cuuute… flowery… bloom! You know you love it!
“Two Redheads” (Retriever Dog Painting), Watercolor on 31 x 23cm paper