Red Riding Hood and the Hermit

Two more drawings from the Inktober! One you can win in my art lottery, and the other is now for sale.

Both are experiments with new materials. The Red Riding Hood drawing is an ink wash on watercolor paper – definitely a technique I’ll use more often. The dye-based ink feathers into different colors, which gives it a pleasant effect.

Red Riding Hood Drawing

“Red Riding Hood” – ink on 23 x 31 cm hot-pressed cotton paper.
You can win this image by taking part in my monthly artwork lottery.

The other drawing is my first foray into using wood panels. This allows scratching back to white. A great way to work – and there is definitely more to come in this technique too. The durability is perfect – together with the quality ink, the varnish and the quality grounding, it’ll last 500 years at minimum.
You can now buy this original drawing in my web shop. And while I was at it, I also added two originals of my machiya paintings there.

The Hermit Drawing

“The Hermit”, ink on 20 x 30 cm wood panel.
Here is a view showing the board and some tools (the web-link is not on the actual picture).

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