Redhead Day 2010 in Breda

My third Redhead Day in Breda, Holland – an event especially for red haired people.
And somehow it gets better every time. The organizing was really good and at the end some nice clients invited me for dinner… so I can paint them at home (thanks for the food :)). I enjoyed it very much.
It seems though, that was the last really nice warm day here in Holland. Since then, it’s been all cold and rainy – so no more outside events this year unfortunately.

Luckily there are inside events in Amsterdam too. Today I’m going to an fashion event, where they invite artists to paint the models.

To the pictures… and since it’s too many, only post a selection here. Which is tough, since this time I think all turned out well. You can see every image and model in the gallery.

Red Hair Day 05

Red Hair Day 04

Red Hair Day 02

Red Hair Day 03

Red Hair Day 06

Red Hair Day 07

Red Hair Day 08

Red Hair Day 09

Red Hair Day 09

Red Hair Day 10

Red Hair Day 11