Queensday Portraits

On this Queensday I was painting portraits in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark again. This time with even more artists – Henrik joined, Svetlana reserved the spot and took pictures and Ingeborg and Renske were drawing also. Which is nice – it attracts people to watch and makes them want a portrait too.

Even though we were all really exhausted, the whole thing was great fun. I’m looking forward for the next time.

Here we’re setting up the spot.

Queensday 2010 01

Waiting time.

Queensday 2010 02

Waiting more…

Queensday 2010 03

We could only start late, since the rain and cold weather kept people away…

Queensday 2010 04

…but finally we got some models.

Queensday 2010 05

Queensday 2010 06

Henrik proved popular with the female crowd. I don’t approve!

Queensday 2010 07

Sometimes one has to take desperate measures to get those little brats to pose. The babies of today show no discipline!

Queensday 2010 08

Queensday 2010 09

And the following are some of the portraits, unfortunately I did not take photos of every one I made.

Queensday 2010 10

She was just awesome – nice model and she lent me her child when the authorities came (before 12 one has to have a child when entering). Thanks a lot :)

Queensday 2010 11

Queensday 2010 12

Queensday 2010 13

Queensday 2010 14

Queensday 2010 15