Pines at the Dunes

12 years after joining the Noordwijk Plein-Air Festival, I went back to paint at the dunes of the North Sea.

Painting this plein-air at beautiful spot under pine trees, turned into a major struggle about the material and weather and subject. I feel that all these, and some health issues in my family that I constantly had in the back of my head, all left a trace in the painting. Some quite visibly. As it is also unusually big for my habits, it consumed most of my time at the festival. But was worth it. I grew with this and learned a ton about the new materials I’m using – mixing acrylics, inks and watercolor on wooden boards. I might share some of my process later on.

Watercolor and ink painting of pine trees and flowers on dunes.
“Pines at the Dunes” (2024) – Watercolor & Ink on 40 × 60 cm Panel

Here are some detail shots, showing the details, material and some effects thanks to the unpredictable weather at the sea.

I’ve added the original artwork to my shop.

Below you can see the painting displayed at the closing-exhibition of the festival. It received a solo wall and I got invited for next year. I’m already looking forward to it. You can check my Noordwijk posts for the paintings I made in earlier years at that festival and any upcoming ones.