Pine Clearing

An ink artwork I did during a recent travel. It took several sessions – so several crawls through the forest on an island to get to the right spot.

Later I decided to add some colors in the studio. I like that mixed-media style, something I plan to expand upon. The work-in-progress versions without the color and from the first session, I posted for supporters on my line-art patreon. I have now for a year or more not drawn any of the support pledges – as I felt the amount of content didn’t merit it. I’ll have to rethink my process there. It’s a long term project I feel I want to keep it going, but simplify to make it all work out. It means a lot to see that despite that, a couple of people hold up the pledge.

Ink Drawing - Pine Forest on an Island

“Pine Clearing” (2018) – Ink and Watercolor on 23 x 31cm hot-pressed paper.

Update: This is now also available in the shop.

Here are some detail views.

Forest Floor Detail Drawing

Forest floor detail.

Ink Drawing - Pine Forest on an Island

Pine tree detail.