Photoshop Animating Is Fun!

For a looooong time I wanted to try a bit of animation work. Doing my first steps here – learning how to go about it in Photoshop. By now that program is actually becoming quite good for animating.

Luckily I could connect the fun stuff with the useful, since Caromble needed some animations for effects. For example when objects are hit:

hit particle

A small hit.

And of course every game needs explosions. This animation will be played in an particle – so will be mixed and then combined with some more sparks and smoke particles.

particle explosion

Animation of a full blown explosion.

You can check out a screenshot of the explosion animation in Caromble. And find a bit more at my post about particles

If you want to give it a shot yourself, I can really recommend Alex Grigg’s Animation Tutorial. He did for example the absolutely fantastic “Phantom Limb” short movie in Photoshop. Another useful tool is AnimDessin2, which adds buttons to Photoshop, that will speed up the workflow.

And here a different simple animation. It’s really fun – so more to come.

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