Patreon Exclusive: Work-In-Progress Steps of “Nightfall on Construction”

It’s a change I’m testing: I’ll post my patreon-exclusive art here, so that supporters can log in and see it directly on my blog. Starting with the previews for “Nightfall on Construction” of which I’ll post the final version today also.

Here is the first image I’ve shown on Patreon a year ago. It’s the first steps which I made on location.

Nightfall - Work In Progress

First step on location of the construction.

Here is another version I haven’t shown before. … this is also when it got too cold to continue much on the actual place. After an hour my hands were too cold to properly move. Plus, it got dark too early.

Nightfall - Step 2

Step two.

After that, I had one more session. Then took it home and let it rest. It’s something I like to do anyways – time to think about an artwork often helps. It also allowed me to mix the steps of the construction, as I picked it up recently (in springtime) when they finished the building.
This leaves a bit of intended ambiguity in the image. It’s not clear if it’s still built, done … or deconstructed.

Then followed many hours in the studio – working from the old version and photos, plus some imagination.
I did some major revisions – I removed one tower completely and redrawn it. I have redrawn most of the windows – and the full base line. The perspective isn’t accurate to the real version – I aimed more for an organic and dynamic view, mixing several views.

Gif of Perspective changes

A little gif animation of a test I did in Photoshop. With ink it would be a nightmare if big changes like these goe wrong.

The last step was to shade. Again a little bit of a risk – it’s an irreversible change with ink. And I did the process only once before. Here is how I prepared the canvas.

Taped off final drawing

Just before final step – after finishing the drawing, I taped off some areas to apply shading.

Here’s the final version … more details of it are in the public “Nightfall on Construction” post.

Nightfall on Construction - ink art

“Nightfall on Construction”, Ink on 30 x 40 cm Clayboard