Parsifal in Tokyo – Part 1

In October ran Wagner’s “Parsifal” in the New National Theater Tokyo. I’m quite happy how the costume designs for this worked out.

This is the first of two batches I’ll show. (Part two of the costumes is up too)
When I’ve read the story while listening, I was blown away. I was more of a Nibelungen Saga fan, which is already ahead of our time when it comes to story writing. It completely avoids the usual good-vs-bad dichotomy. But Parsifal is another step beyond – with mixing holy and cursed in one role.

Yet again, the stage design was great – here is a video, which shows the actual 3D effects they used. Japan, Japan: always with one foot in the future.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Parsifal

Parsifal himself.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Titurel

Titurel, the old keeper of the grail.

Titurel, Parsifal Opera

Titurel on the Throne.

Opera Costume - Kundry in silk dress with Veil

Kundry (a very interesting character) with a veil.

Parsifal Costume - Gurnemanz in black leather coat

Gurnemanz, with a leather coat.

Costume Photo, Gurnemanz Spear

Costume photo, with the spear.

Parsifal Costume - Knight in creme suit

A knight in a creme colored suit.

Parsifal Costume - Child

Child in the final ceremony.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Klingsor in violet suit

Klingsor, wanting to keep the holy grail.

Costume photo in the play.

Klingsor and Kundry in the play.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Amazone 11

One of the 12 amazones.

Parsifal Opera Costume Design - Squire woman in white plain suit

A squire in a plain white suit.