Exclusive: Paris Street Draft

Another attempt at mixing color with drawing. This way going in a mixed step approach.

This is from a Paris trip this year (just before Covid travel restrictions). This far drawn on location, but it’ll need a bit more work. I didn’t get to draw the window frame that is overlaying the scene, as I’ve saw it from a cafe.
The chaos is a bit too much, and it needs a clear color focus. When doing the obfuscated preview image for my blog, so that non-patreons can’t see it fully, I noticed that it looks quite nice with a watercolor wash over it. It’ll be a risky move, but I’ll take that as inspiration.

So I will now add more colors but also more drawing. As opposed to the recent tree drawing, where I did the drawing first, and then the colors. That will give me some insight – for example if I have more control over the visual focus, as I don’t have to just live with the drawing that exists. And if this works well with the material, e.g. if the ink will stay well on top of the watercolor.

Paris Street First Layer

This is a bit chaotic – so a lot of clean up has to be done. The frame might pull the whole composition together.