Painting: Machiya Family

Another painting from Kyoto. It’s the last days of the exhibition, so only until Saturday to see it in real! I offer anyone who wants a personal tour, since I live close enough to drop by… and I’m always curious about reactions and opinions

Machiya Family

“Machiya Family”, oil on 45 x 38 cm linen canvas.

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Here are some steps of the process. After scouting the house, I first made some sketches. As with all the paintings there, I mixed several perspectives into one. So it needed some figuring out.

Machiya First Sketch

This high format, with the street bending the other way, was one possible option – but I went for the wide format to give more room to the lower area.

I came back the next morning to continue and found this stool waiting for me in front of the house, with a little message in German. Meeting the really nice family of this house – and getting some support (morally and coffeiny), made it all very enjoyable and motivating.

nice letter and a helpful chair

“Good Day Thomas! Give your Best! (with a little dragon painting one of the children living there)”

With this I couldn’t disappoint. Here is the sketch on canvas at the second day.

Painting Sketch - Step 1

In this case I started with a pencil sketch, and as per usual mixed all colors before painting. That helps me to figure out the color relationships.

Machiya Painting Step 2 - base

The base I had at the evening. That goes usually fast.

It took me two more days. At home I added some details that I could paint from memory. I also choose to open the door, to make it look as welcoming as I experienced it.