What is This Baby Thinking?

Not quite sure if it agrees to the image :D But I love the expression. Anyways – these are some watercolors of people I painted recently on the street (in Amsterdam and Utrecht). Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the other people I painted.

Sketchbook – the second batch

Next batch of sketches from 2008 – featuring some industrial party in Rotterdam. The dresses there you don’t see every day, people pay really attention to it – and have to guts to wear unusual stuff. Really inspiring.

3 oil portraits

I finished those last week. This first one is the one I made quickest: 3 hours, yet I think its still the most accurate. I don’t know why my images turn out better the less time I have. Must improve my detailing. For this one I had much more time (8 hours roughly, in 3 … Continue reading 3 oil portraits

Sketchbook of 2006

This is my sketchbook of 2006 - posted back-dated...