Sketchbook pages from Japan

This is the next batch of pictures from last years sketchbook. I posted these before on and in the gallery – but I’ll show them here to keep things in the same sequence as in the book. I went to Tokyo, Takayama (in the Mountain area), Toyota City (yep, the town were the cars … Continue reading Sketchbook pages from Japan

Unearthly Challenge Started

First something about the last posting – I’ve updated the portrait of the blonde girl. Damn, it looked bad (heh, I deleted all traces). I never see how bad a picture is until a week is over or so. Was a good learning experience to analyze and fix it though. And yeah got no internet … Continue reading Unearthly Challenge Started

Kevin Kelly on Extropy

Some might know Kevin Kelly from his Ted Talks about the evolution of technology. But thats of course just the tip of the ice-berg. What an amazing mind (I love people that shine in so many fields) and what an awe inspiring blog. One of his latest posting about Extropy is easy to understand and … Continue reading Kevin Kelly on Extropy

Two Oil Portraits from the Weekend

I was painting these in a gallery in Amsterdam, while an “Open Atelier Route” was going on. Lots of galleries and art studios were open to see – and also here people could walk in and watch as we painted portraits of those two really interesting models.